Thoughts on Money, Blessings, and Happiness*

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I view money as a tool so we may do what we love.

Others see it as a form of security, temporary happiness, object to flaunt, power.

Some are crippled by it.
Too much.
Too little.

My thought is this: How can a tool such as money bare so much control over our happiness?

What if we break free from the stigma that whispers, ‘If only I had more money/stuff…then I’d be happy/satisfied/loved.’?

An unfortunate occurrence:
Setting aside happiness today for our future selves so ONE DAY we will be happy…but not today. Today brings sacrifice, diligence, exhaustion. Not to say that hard work doesn’t pay-off, rather, is this hard work and sacrifice helping or hindering our happiness? Are we happily sacrificing/nose-to-the-grindstone/burning the candle at both ends? Or has our flame burned out?

I pose these questions to you:

Are you truly happy right now?
In this moment?
With the choices you’ve made?
Are you fulfilled?
Could you lose absolutely everything and still feel pure joy within?

Here's an example:

A dear friend shared with me that every day upon waking she expresses her deepest gratitude for all her blessings. She is thankful for every single opportunity she is given. Every moment she breathes.

Then she imagines all she has burning to the ground. Beautiful home, loving pets, favorite chair, devoted husband, business, car, clothes, photographs, books, everything. Gone. She focuses on what truly matters knowing she is totally ok without all the external additions.

Why visualize such a tragedy? Because we are each in this world on a solo journey, and what we ‘have’ does not define us.  Imagining losing everything (seemingly everything, anyway) provides perspective. All can be taken away in a heartbeat, but what lives within us remains.

What remains in her is love in its purest form. If all is gone tomorrow, her happiness prevails. She will feel blessed that she was given an opportunity to love and be loved by those around her.  Thankful for every moment, every memory, every lesson.

The key is, first find happiness within and you will want for nothing. @jen_evanson

My dear friend did not seek to attain all these ‘things’ in her life on a path to find the holy grail of happiness, her journey began in a state of true inner joy…and the blessing followed.

We each expresses gratitude differently.  It could be a mantra you recite to yourself to keep attuned to what matters most, sending a simple thank you, or paying it forward to someone in need.  

Whatever it is, we wanna know!   

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How do you express gratitude for your blessings?


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Posted on November 4, 2013 and filed under Life, Relationships, Spiritual Growth.